Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Bathroom wall tile

Doug Hughes of Hughes Quality Flooring in Muddy, IL has begun setting wall tile in the bathrooms. It will match the floor and rise to the elevation seen here, with paint above. It's looking good!

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Holy, Holy, Holy... arch boss model complete!

If you can picture a ceiling arch coming down to the point where it meets the wall, that's a common location for decorative trim or sculpture. A piece that fills in that corner is called a "boss," and we'll have ten throughout the church. We wanted some kind of angelic sculpture, as a reminder in art of the Hosts of Heaven who worship with us in every Mass. Nancy Drone has completed the sculpture and now it's off for casting. I don't know if I explained their position well, but they'll look fantastic!

Electric hook-up

Our permanent electric service is going in. This equipment yard will be something of an eyesore until we get a stone wall built enclosing it. It's not in the original contract because we thought we might find a better deal... working on that.

Home at last.

Popcorn Day revelers were invited to open house hours Saturday and several hundred came through the church. It was really special to see the building through the eyes of many who've never seen it before. There were lots of smiles, and more than a few tears.

The best part was the timing: Daprato Rigali Studio's crew was erecting the high altar even as our guests came through. After a solid week's work they had it complete. It's home!